Tinysaur / Mermaid Skeleton miniature model kit


Tinysaur Mermaid Deluxe Kit includes everything you need to successfully assemble the tiny skeleton model for display. The magical mermaid skeleton is small and swimmingly sweet! 

Each kit comes with the pre-cut Tiny Mermaid bones, borosilicate glass display dome, exhibit base, glue, tweezers, and a magnifier. 
Tinysaur Kits assemble into tiny skeletons from a postage stamp sized laser cut pattern. Assembly generally takes 30-45 minutes and the completed human models stand roughly 2 inches tall. For the miniature model-making connoisseur only -  requires nimble-fingers and meticulous detailing.

NOTE: picture shows three models but only includes 1 model. Tiny Mermaid Deluxe Kit contains one display and one mermaid with two different shoulder blade bone sets so you can pose your mermaid diving, swimming, or treading water.

46 laser-cut pieces to create 1 mermaid skeleton approximately 2" x 1.15" x 0.25" (50.8mm x 30mm x 6.35mm)
Display base diameter 1.2" (31mm)
Borosilicate glass dome height 2.55" (65mm) including display base
Recommended tools included: tweezers, glue, magnifier
Packaging 3.5" x 2.25" x 1.25" 

Ages 13+

Made in Brooklyn, New York USA