Beekeep # 5 / native solitary bees


Beekeep # 5 is a unique bee house for native, solitary bees. Featuring the found artifact tin roof with natural patina and a newly crafted copper-stamped heart with the word LOVE backed with a ceiling tin heart, all of which will patina naturally over time. The wood is of old-vintage with a beautiful tonality. Handmade in Oracle, Arizona.

These unique bee houses are created for native, solitary bees. Each hole is a nursery for 6-30 eggs, hatching with the onset of summer. Provide morning sun facing east or southeast, mount or hang 3' - 5' off the ground. Provide nearby water, a little overflow will provide mud, used by some bees to cap individual egg cells. Lastly, plenty of flowers for these native, desert pollinators. Native, solitary bees are our best pollinators and do not have the hive-mentality of other bees.

Found wood, tin roof with natural patina, new copper and tin, brass nails
7.5" x 6.25" x 6.25"

made in Oracle, Arizona