Yikes Toys presents Caterpillar Day 2016 August 17 2016

Join us Sunday, August 21, 11 - 2 pm
2nd Annual Caterpillar Day with Michael Wilson, Entomologist & Botanist

What is Caterpillar Day? A fun and interactive way to learn about and experience the mystery of moths! Michael will discuss, converse and answer questions about larvae, host plants, habitat and metamorphosis. All the caterpillars are from our Southern Arizona Sonoran Desert Region. Hold and touch the live caterpillars, learn about the food each eats and understand the moth they soon become. We live in a area that is rich in natural history, so what better way to experience it than first hand! 

Be wowed by the colors and patterns of some of the most beautiful creatures in the Southwest. And understand the mystery of moths--all around us, yet almost always unseen. Join in this tour of our spectacular natural world!

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Free and Open to the Public / All Ages Welcome