Where's Waldo? July 01 2014

Where's Waldo?
Back in Tucson for the month of July.

The famous fellow in the striped shirt and black rimmed specs will be in 25 businesses in two areas in central Tucson: 4th Avenue and at the shops on the corner of Broadway & Country Club (AKA Broadway Village).
Those who spot Waldo (well, a 6" version of him) in 20 locations can enter a raffle to win fabulous Waldo prizes as well as prizes from many of the participating businesses.

Want to participate?  Pick up a  Waldo Passport at 
Antigone Books (411 N. 4th Ave) or 
Yikes Toys! (2930 E. Broadway). 
Passports will be available on July 1.

You have the entire month of July to find 20 Waldos.  Your passport must be handed in by Thursday July 31 at 7pm.