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Cherry Art Editions Release Party at Yikes Toys! July 01 2017


Cherry Art Editions Release Party  Diane Von Bombshelter, Danny Martin, Jeff Lownsbury, Caleb Gutierrez, Wendy Gadzuk

Sunday, July 9 /12 - 2 pm

Cherry Art Editions’s latest Art Edition Release inaugurates five new artists. Diane Bombshelter, Danny Martin, Jeff Lownsbury, Caleb Gutierrez, & Wendy Gadzuk will each debut a Signed Limited Edition of 100. These eclectically diverse editions include playing cards, memory games or puzzles with each artist’s style prominent. 

Meet and greet with the artists. Come play along. Free and Open to the Public!

Cherry Art Editions is the brainchild of Elizabeth Cherry (Past Director of Elizabeth Cherry Contemporary Art and MOCA-Tucson). Working with regional & international artists, Cherry is producing limited editions in eccentrically fun formats, blurring the line between art and play.

Heart of Tucson Art Studio Tour with Valerie Galloway April 03 2017

Please join Valerie Galloway as she presents a new series of artworks entitled Charm & Exuberance for the Heart of Tucson Art Studio Tour at Yikes Toys.

Visit and converse with the artist Valerie Galloway on Saturday & Sunday,  April 8 & 9 / 10 am to 4 pm. 


Sunshine Shop Tucson November 26 2016

Just two doors down from Yikes Toys is a wonderful new local business. Located in the iconic Hirsh's Shoes building (recently purchased by the Tucson Historic Preservation Foundation), Yikes's Proprietress Patricia Katchur has created Sunshine Shop Tucson- a miscellany of mid-century mod furniture & goods, contemporary art and all things Arizona.

Further details available at SunshineShopTucson.com

Chock Full O'Fun! November 20 2016

Yikes Toys is bursting at the seams with loads of new items. One of my favorites is Metal Earth Model Kits (note: for the meticulous and detail-oriented who have the patience of a saint). 

Say hello to C-3PO...

Star Wars's C-3PO Metal Earth Model Kit available at Yikes Toys, Tucson Arizona

Yikes Toys presents Caterpillar Day 2016 August 17 2016

Join us Sunday, August 21, 11 - 2 pm
2nd Annual Caterpillar Day with Michael Wilson, Entomologist & Botanist

What is Caterpillar Day? A fun and interactive way to learn about and experience the mystery of moths! Michael will discuss, converse and answer questions about larvae, host plants, habitat and metamorphosis. All the caterpillars are from our Southern Arizona Sonoran Desert Region. Hold and touch the live caterpillars, learn about the food each eats and understand the moth they soon become. We live in a area that is rich in natural history, so what better way to experience it than first hand! 

Be wowed by the colors and patterns of some of the most beautiful creatures in the Southwest. And understand the mystery of moths--all around us, yet almost always unseen. Join in this tour of our spectacular natural world!

#caterpillarday #yikestoys

Free and Open to the Public / All Ages Welcome

My Neighbor Totoro June 03 2016

Totoro items available at Yikes Toys, Tucson's Favorite Toy Store

Tucson offers a wonderful selection of fun things to do. One of my favorites is The Loft Cinema's (fairly yearly) showing of My Neighbor Totoro later this month (as part of the Complete Studio Ghibli Series). Plus, it's a perfect way to escape our summertime desert heat!

As well, Yikes Toys has stocked up on a fanciful selection of Totoro items (plus other super-cute Japanese goodies). Stop by Yikes Toys and see for yourself! Happiness abound!

Perhaps we'll see you at the movies...

The Complete Studio Ghibli: A 22 Film Retrospective

Bewitched / Valerie Galloway April 06 2016

Tucson Artists' Open Studios / Valerie Galloway and Patricia Katchur April 16 2015

Yikes Toys is pleased to host Valerie Galloway and Patricia Katchur for the 2015 Tucson Artists' Open Studios.

Catch a glimpse of Valerie Galloway creating a new artwork! See Patricia Katchur’s private studio space and works-in-progress. We’ll be answering questions, talking about our processes and offering works for viewing and purchase. Hope to see you! 

Visit Zocalo Magazine for the
Tucson Artists' Open Studios Map and List of Artists ( pages 18-25 )

Valerie Galloway is a photographer and painter living in Tucson, Arizona. 
Watercolor and ink painting on vintage ephemera

Patricia Katchur is an artist as well as the Proprietress of Yikes Toys.
Photographically-based works and objects 

Tucson Artists' Open Studios with Valerie Galloway and Patricia Katchur at Yikes Toys!

Atomic Yikes ! September 28 2014

In celebration of Tucson Modernism Week (Oct. 3 - 11), Yikes Toys has a new logo design, Atomic Yikes!

Yikes Toys is Closed for Labor Day. We'll reopen Tuesday, Sept 2 at 10am. August 31 2014

See you soon!



GLOW a nighttime art experience / Triangle L Ranch, Oracle AZ August 12 2014

Glow 2014 a nighttime art experience, triangle l ranch, oracle arizona

GLOW is a wonderful event that takes place on my friend Sharon Holnback's Triangle L Ranch in Oracle, Arizona. For many years, I was very involved in helping organize the event, but now I enjoy attending just to have fun! Triangle L Ranch is a 50+ acre ranch in the Sonoran high desert where GLOW comes alive with illuminated artworks, blazingly spectacular live music and phantasmic performance art. A real community event.

Tickets are available for sale at Yikes Toys! For online tickets, details and dates please visit TriangleLRanch.com


Sunprints! July 26 2014

Sunprint (otherwise known as cyanotype - one of the earliest photographic processes; or blueprint - best known for architectural renderings) is one of Yikes Toys favorite items! A wonderful introduction to chemistry and art, Sunprint Kit encourages one to observe and interpret. A simple yet educational way to learn about UV light, chemical reactions and aesthetics. Create artworks while learning about science. Perfect for Ages 6+ and a great gift for any budding naturalist, chemist or artist!



I. What you need


1 Sunprint paper, acrylic sheet, cardboard, a tub full of water, fun and interesting objects to print.

II. Arrange your objects on a piece of Sunprint paper out of the reach of the sun.

1 The blue molecules embedded in the paper are sensitive to ultra-violet light. For best results, prepare your print in a place where the sun’s light cannot reach the paper as you arrange objects on top of it. Direct sunlight will expose the paper quickly, but even ambient light in the shade, or in a room with a big window will cause slow exposure of the paper.

III. Place the acrylic pressing sheet on top to flatten and hold your items to the Sunprint paper.

1 Using the acrylic pressing sheet when taking prints of flat or almost-flat objects will help to sharpen the edges between blue and white in your final print. The ambient sunlight outdoors will find its way underneath the edges of your objects if they are not pressed firmly to the paper, and you will get Sunprints with blended edges.

IV. Take your Sunprint outside and lay it in direct sunlight for 2-5 minutes.

1 The areas of the paper exposed to the sun will fade from blue to white. When you see most of the color disappear from the paper, your print has been fully exposed. If no direct sunlight is available, don’t worry—just expose your print a little longer and wait for the same fading effect. Under cloud cover, the process will take 5-20 minutes depending on the thickness of the clouds. What is happening in this step? Two crucial molecules in the paper are interacting, forming a new molecule. Their interaction is initiated by specific wavelengths of ultra-violet light. The new molecule is colorless so that as the blue molecules are converted, the white of the paper base begins to show through. Areas of the paper covered by your objects still contain the original blue molecule, so they remain blue.

V. Rinse your Sunprint in water. Watch the white turn into blue and the blue turn into white.

1 To get the deepest blue that the paper can give, leave it in the water for a while: 1-5 minutes. There are two exciting things happening underwater. First, the original blue compound is water soluble so that when you immerse it in the bath, the water carries it away, leaving only the white paper base in those areas. Second, the colorless compound whose formation was caused by the sun’s energy is not water soluble, so it cannot wash away in the water bath. It is sensitive to the water in another way. Just as the Sun’s light stimulated a chemical change in the previous step, the water stimulates another chemical change. The water causes an oxidation reaction that turns the colorless compound into the deep blue of a finished Sunprint.

VI. Lay your Sunprint flat on an absorbent surface and allow it to try.

  1. 1  You can use a paper towel, or a piece of cardboard as a bed for your Sunprint while it dries. Putting it on something absorbent helps to avoid the formation of water spots by drawing the water from the Sunprint paper.

  2. 2  When you take your paper out of the water, it will probably not have finished oxidizing. The water remaining in the paper will do the job before it evaporates. By the time it is all gone you should have a beautiful deep blue Sunprint!

©2010 Regents of Univeristy of California 

Song of Childhood from the film Wings of Desire July 23 2014

Wings of Desire, a film by Wim Wenders, was released in 1987. The prose Song of Childhood by Peter Handke (the screenwriter) is a hauntingly bittersweet and beautifully poignant observation of childhood. Below is the English translation. Der Himmel über Berlin / Wings of Desire trailer link, with a snippet spoken (as originally written) in German.


Remembering Apollo 11 Moon Landing, 45 years ago today! July 20 2014

Wow! Seems like yesterday and tomorrow simultaneously! 

Remembering Apollo 11 Moon Landing
via Boing Boing Link


featuring Mark Kelly, Stephen Colbert and many more! Amazing times.


12 Predictions for the Year 2000 from a 19th-Century German Chocolate Company July 18 2014

Thanks, mental_floss
this article is quite amusing!



Our favorite is below, the Undersea Ships!

image credit: Wikimedia Commons



Loft Cinema Kids Fest July 19 - 27, 2014 July 18 2014

Wonderiffic Movies! Free Admission! Free Popcorn!
daily at 10 am

Don't miss Pee-Wee's Big Adventure on Friday, July 25 @ 10 am (doors open at 9:15)
Enter the free raffle and possibly win a special edition Yikes Toys Wacky Gift Bag !!!

loft kids fest

Ark D’Bevel Docks; Sets to Disembark July 14 2014

If you live in Tucson, Arizona and you've never seen Matt Bevel's mechanical wonders, now is the time! And if you don't live in this part of the SW desert, it would be worth a trip!

Read all about it in this month's Zocalo Magazine

Photo: Toshi Ueshina

Tree Circus July 09 2014

A Tree Circus! This is definitely road trip material...

Axel Erlandson, Tree Tinkerer from the 1920s, created shapes, sculptures and even furniture with live trees! And some are still viewable today! Learn about the The Tree Circus history.

Books About Town / London July 05 2014

An incredibly interesting way to celebrate books! 

Books About Town is happening in London this summer...

 Peter PanA Brief History of TimeOrigin of Species 

Sea Monkeys July 04 2014

Vintage Sea Monkey advertisement

4th of July July 03 2014

Yikes Toys will be closed on Friday, July 4th. We'll reopen Saturday, July 5th at 10 am.

Hope you have a spectacular holiday!




An Illustrated Field Guide to Mythic Monsters, from Gremlins to Zombies to the Kraken July 03 2014

Hopefully  Monsters & Legends by Davide Cali and Gabriella Giandelli will soon grace the book selection at Yikes Toys!


Fatal Victorian Fashion and the Allure of the Poison Garment July 02 2014

A most fascinating read. Who knew?

Fatal Victorian Fashion and the Allure of the Poison Garment


Catherine Eyde's 'Rain" July 01 2014

  Catherine Eyde's painting 'Rain' looks absolutely wonderful at Yikes Toys!

Where's Waldo? July 01 2014

Where's Waldo?
Back in Tucson for the month of July.

The famous fellow in the striped shirt and black rimmed specs will be in 25 businesses in two areas in central Tucson: 4th Avenue and at the shops on the corner of Broadway & Country Club (AKA Broadway Village).
Those who spot Waldo (well, a 6" version of him) in 20 locations can enter a raffle to win fabulous Waldo prizes as well as prizes from many of the participating businesses.

Want to participate?  Pick up a  Waldo Passport at 
Antigone Books (411 N. 4th Ave) or 
Yikes Toys! (2930 E. Broadway). 
Passports will be available on July 1.

You have the entire month of July to find 20 Waldos.  Your passport must be handed in by Thursday July 31 at 7pm.


Yikes Toys participates in Local First Arizona's Golden Coupon / Independents Week July 01 2014

Yikes Toys will be offering 20% off our super cute Japanese Stacking Tea Sets between June 29 -July 6 as part of Local First Arizona's Independents Week. Please stop by the store to participate. Note: you must have a copy of the Golden Coupon to receive the discount for the Japanese Stacking Tea Sets.

Visit Local First Arizona for the full details, to print out your Golden Coupon and see other participating merchants!

Soviet Concept Vehicles June 30 2014

These Soviet conceived vehicles are out-of-this-world! Would be fun to tour the world traveling in the 

M-20 Pobeda Sport, 1950

Yikes Toys Online / Tucson Arizona May 20 2014

Welcome to Yikes Toys Online Shop! We offer quirky fun for the curious mind and specialize in pop culture and toys for all ages.